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Whether you are new to the world of wine and spirit collecting or a seasoned veteran there may never be a better time to start buying and selling in this rapidly growing market.

Over the past two decades, fine wine has outperformed almost every other major stock index providing great returns to investors over the medium to long term. Auction consignments of wine can have varied provenance and condition leading to potentially great rewards for the brave. The box of unlabelled French red or vintage port with no storage history may just turn out to be a diamond in the rough waiting to be discovered.

Whisky has also been performing superbly in recent years with limited bottlings, unusual cask finishes and less well-known distilleries all providing huge diversity and choice. Peter Francis is proud to hold a World record for a bottle of Royal Welsh Whisky which went under the gavel selling for a mouth-watering £9052 (including Buyers Premium).

Peter Francis Auctioneers have a special section in our Christmas auctions for Wines & Spirits which is usually very popular with buyers. For free, professional advice, whether you are interested in purchasing or consigning please get in touch.