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The market for Oriental carpets and textiles is a truly international one and comprises two principal areas – the interior decorators’ market and the collectors’ market. Any piece that is particularly sought after by either of these markets because of its rarity, size or decorative appeal is likely to fetch a premium, but the market is subject to fluctuation as tastes and interests change.

The auction room is a particularly good source of rugs, carpets and textiles for private buyers as prices can often be considerably lower than those to be found in retail outlets both at home and abroad. However, buyers should always assure themselves of the condition of any proposed purchase before they bid to ensure there are no hidden defects and that the piece is what they think it is. Colour can often be deceptive in photographs.

Sellers of rugs and carpets should be aware that whilst good condition is usually important if a good price is to be achieved, worn and damaged pieces can fetch surprisingly high prices if they are rare or otherwise desirable as evidenced by a large Turkish carpet that achieved £5000 in these salerooms despite being in very poor condition. The international online auction system operated by Peter Francis ensures that sellers’ items are placed in front of buyers not only throughout the UK but also in the important markets in the US, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, resulting in the highest prices being obtained.