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Oriental Ceramics at Peter Francis

Since it was first developed in China, over a millennium ago, porcelain has beguiled and intrigued us, its intrinsic beauty displayed in palaces and noble houses, across The World. There have always been and, always will be, collectors of fine porcelain, as much appreciated for its artistic merit, as for its translucent beauty and delicacy.

The market for Oriental porcelains and, in particular, for antique Chinese wares of quality, is as strong and as buoyant as it has ever been. Back in 2016, Peter Francis Auction House enjoyed the privilege of offering for sale a number of pieces from the property of a well-known London collector. At that time, Mike Donoghue was invited to join the team in the capacity of adviser and has remained with us, ever since. Mike has had a long-time interest in oriental art and ceramics and is a modest collector, himself. His broad knowledge of the history and of the enormous variety of wares that have been part and parcel of the ‘China Trade’ over centuries, sits well with the accumulated expertise of our saleroom staff, gleaned over many years of experience in the business.

Peter Francis Auctions will be more than happy to offer advice and appraisals on similar items of interest. Please be aware that any history or documented provenance associated with any item, will greatly enhance its desirability if offered for sale.