Lot 607 (Fine Sale, 13th February 2019)

Sold for £260

Lot details
MID 19TH CENTURY WOOLLEN BEIGE GROUND EMBROIDERED PAISLEY SHAWL with slight fringing around edge, the embroidery is multicoloured around the border and of floral and paisley design, two borders are embroidered on one side of the shawl and the other corner embroidered on the other side so it can be worn with one corner flipped over. Probably Kashmir in origin, 173 x 173cm approx. (B.P. 24% incl. VAT)

Condition report
Generally in good condition for age, embroidery in good condition, some wear and small holes to the woollen base fabric. Red line is stitched across the corner where the embroidery is reversed, this could be original or a repair.