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Professional Qualifications

Professional Qualifications


As a company, we are qualified members of the Society of Fine Art Auctioneers (SOFAA) and one of our auctioneers is a member of NAVA. 

Emma Price our office manager and auctioneer has won the NAVA Propertymark qualifications award 2022 for Auctioneering Candidate of the year.  She won for achieving the highest overall marks across all four units of NAVA Level 3 in Chattels Auctioneering, having sat all four exams on the same day, an extraordinary achievement. 

Ian Taylor our general manager and auctioneer won the NAVA auctioneer of the year competition in 2013. Many members of staff have degrees in a wide range of fields.



Ian Taylor with the rose bowl in 2013

It has to be said that the best qualification in our sort of business is the experience which is then regulated in its application by the respective professional bodies. Without experience and the knowledge so gained we have nothing to offer and without qualification, we are not regulated in a manner that protects the interests of our customers.

Collectively the lead valuers at Peter Francis have over 50 years of experience in the business.