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24/10/2018     Latest News



The Soggy Saleroom Saga


One week and three days after disaster struck the Towyside salerooms (as a result of said River Towy deciding to overexpand) we have made huge progress in achieving recovery. However we certainly have Everest to climb having made Base Camp.


Nearly 4ft of water does not happily mix with furniture, computers carpets, pictures and most other things on our premises. The sales floor, some stores, our offices and reception area are all involved. The main thing is that we are insured, both on our own behalf and that of our clients.


Advisors and loss adjusters have and continue to be on site and through massive effort we have rescued as much as we can. Now the laborious task of compiling inventories and schedules of those items that have been affected is underway. Professional cleaners are due to start and building repairs are going out to tender.


Those vendors whose items are involved will be contacted very shortly now and the insurance compensation claim will be finalised to be submitted within seven days. We all greatly appreciate the good wishes we have received as well as offers of help from many quarters. It must also be said that the work the staff and helpers have put in has been immense.


Rest assured we are pushing very hard to settle all liabilities as soon as possible and intend to be back holding sales by Christmas, at the latest. We are still inviting and viewing new consignments and have already arranged additional storage facilities. Our van is back on the road this week collecting for forthcoming sales.


New Bulletin next week.


Nigel Hodson

Peter Francis Auctioneers Ltd






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