Museum of the Home Pembroke

14/08/2019     Latest News, Antiques


Recently we were consigned a large part of the items from the now closed Museum of the Home in Pembroke which included items of sewing, writing, vintage fashion, tobacco, smoking interest and much more.


Since the auction on the 3rd July these items have been coming through our fortnightly antiques and collectables auctions. The items have been doing very well and there are still more to go through our upcoming auctions.


Update: in our 25th September auction three lots of antique and vintage quilts did particularly well. Lot 312; a 19th Century cotton patchwork quilt made £1050, Lot 312A; a later 19th Century silk and velvet patchwork quilt made £600 and Lot 317; two vintage quilts made £400.

Also in our 28th August auction we had a number of very well received lots, led by lot 308 an 18th Century casket which made £1600.

Other highlights from this sale include: silver and other chatelaines and accessories that made £300, a collection of snuff boxes that made £260 and Victorian skirt lifters and shoe shaped treen snuff boxes which both made £220.





Past highlights so far have been; a group of three cotton reel stands that made £240, a mahogany and brass coin checker box that made £220, a collection of vintage and antique smokers and tobacco accessories made £190, as did a collection of treen tobacco barrels and jars and a 19th Century music box.








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