Lot 230 (Fine Art & Antiques, 20th September 2017)

Sold for £2,000

Lot details

TWO SIMILAR CHINESE PORCELAIN, BALUSTER SHAPED, LIDDED VASES in transitional Wucai style. Both decorated in enamel palette with military and court figures within stylised bands and floral and foliate borders. One vase (the smaller) has an underglaze blue incorrectly drawn Kangxi seal mark to the base, the larger vase unmarked. (Together with two hardwood stands). Approx. height 40cm and 42cm. (2)

Condition report
These are not a pair, painted in different styles and details but from similar influences. The smaller vase is much lighter and has fritting and losses to the glaze internally around the rim, the cover has a significant chip and assorted and various frits and glaze blemishes. The larger vase appearing in better condition and being more heavily potted, some wear and glaze blemishes. Both vases are in very dirty condition.