Three Weeks On

7/11/2018     Latest News

Soggy Saleroom Saga: part 3

More progress this week although rather frustrating how long the insurers are taking to steer us through the complexities of the claim. The salerooms are now in full drying out mode with special mats on the floors, fans and heaters all using a large amount of power.

We are getting contractors standing by to take over once all is dry enough but are still not able to confirm when we might have the salerooms back. In the meanwhile, we are still out and about doing probate valuations and house calls, Friday valuation days are as busy as ever and the van is collection items from all over South and West Wales.

We are planning our next sales and our annual online Wines and Spirits auction will be the next one, during the first week of December. Further entries are now invited and free valuation of consignments; from a single bottle to a full cellar are welcomed.

More news with sales dates soon.




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