Things you didn't know you could buy at auction

3/08/2018     Latest News

Here at Peter Francis Auctions we get a whole host of unusual items coming through the auction house. As well as the sort of curiosities you see on Antiques Roadshow, we sell whole categories of items that most people wouldn’t associate with auctions. If you are interested in anything in any of these categories you can sign up for a lot alert to receive an email when we have something coming up in our auctions.

Musical instruments

We regularly have musical instruments in our sales including: violins, guitars, tubas, accordions, pianos, mandolins etc. In terms of value we have sold everything from a £6500 early 20th century Italian violin in our March Fine sale to an acoustic guitar for £12 in one of our regular auctions.  

Cars & Motorbikes

Here at Peter Francis we used to hold an annual Motoring auction but found we weren’t getting enough entries for a whole auction. However, cars & motorbikes now come through our antiques & collectables & fine auctions instead. We have recently sold a 1951 Alvis TA21 for £8500, a 1958 Aerial 500cc motorcycle for £2400 and in our Summer Fine sale we sold a Bultaco Trials motorbike originally owned by trials rider Sammy Miller and bought back by him to display in the Sammy Miller Museum for £3200.

Sporting Equipment

Another unexpected category is sporting equipment, we get all sorts from golf clubs through to archery equipment. Want to take up horse riding but a saddle is too expensive? Not to worry you can buy one at a fraction of the price at auction. Some recent sales include a Martin Archery compound 'Firecat' bow that sold for £130, various equestrian equipment, golf clubs, fishing reels, boules, snooker cues, cricket bats etc.  We also have plenty of sporting memorabilia come through the sales such as rugby and football programmes, rugby shirts, Welsh rugby Grogg groups and much more.

Vintage Fashion and Costume

In this area we held our inaugural specialist online sale earlier this year. We still have plenty of items come through our collectables auctions and even had a beautiful early 20th Century wedding court outfit in our fine sale. Don’t worry not everything is expensive. Ever wanted a genuine Victorian cape for a Halloween outfit? You can probably afford one at auction. Why not fulfil your steampunk fantasies with a top hat? We recently sold a 1950’s gold brocade Christian Dior cocktail dress that sold for £310 in our specialist auction. We regularly have fur coats in and they can sell for anything between £10 - £95 depending on colour and type of fur.



From pots & pans to quilts & blankets we get a range of interiors items you may not associate with auctions. Often sold at very reasonable prices, it is worthwhile coming to a viewing day and combing through the boxes if you have a home renovation in mind. You never know what you will find! There are often also garden items, tools and sometimes even appliances. We also do house clearances so often end up with very reasonably priced furniture, sometimes everything including the kitchen sink.




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