Sustainability in the auction house

13/08/2019     Latest News, Antiques


By its very nature the auction business is aligned with the modern interest and drive towards sustainability. Buying and selling at auction is probably the oldest form of recycling known to man! Antique and vintage items are better for the carbon footprint as they don’t use any new resources to make them. Rather than buying items new from a furniture shop, you can buy something better made and often cheaper at auction. Being a small rural auction house we have items selling for as low as £10. We sell everything from antiques to modern household items, from £1000 to £10 in price. There is plenty to choose form, regardless if you are looking for a basic item to upcycle at low cost to a one of a kind antique item.


The sheer variety of what we sell at auction is another reason to come down to your local auction house. We regularly sell furniture, art, pottery items; from teaware to ornaments, silver, jewellery, vintage clothing, stamps,  books, clocks, toys, wine, musical instruments, blankets, cutlery,  lamps, watches, cameras, vehicles, memorabilia, LP’s, taxidermy and more. So as well as providing more sustainable furniture we sell sustainable jewellery, clothes, books and many household items. Also the vast majority of these items have come from the local area and so have a low carbon footprint in terms of transportation as well as being recycled.


All of our sales are online to view from the week before the auction and we hold viewings in our offices on the Saturday morning and Tuesday before the sale.


We and many other auction houses are small regional businesses that support the local community and provide job opportunities locally too. Here at Peter Francis we support our local community by sponsoring local events, offering items sold for charity without seller’s fees and giving talks for community and charity events.


As well as a sustainable method of buying items for your household or as a gift, auctioning is also a sustainable method of selling unwanted items. You will receive money for your items without doing the work or polluting the environment by sending your items to landfill.


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