Sale Report 6th December

7/12/2017     Ceramics & Glass, Latest News, Antiques

Sale Report 6th December

Decembers catalogue sale of Antiques & Fine Art was extraordinary due to just one particular lot. Lot 260 was from a house full of ceramics on the Gower. These had been sorted through and a number of group lots included in this sale. The lot in question was originally catalogued as Rhenish and other pottery items with an estimate of £150-250. We discovered before the auction that one jug was 17th Century English, made in Fulham and exceedingly rare. With the help of live internet bidding it fetched £21,500* selling to a buyer on the phone. A magnificent result despite our initial error. From the same estate a wonderful Devon pottery harvest jug dated 1803 with inscription to a local Welsh village was also sold on the phone at £6000*. Interestingly this is the second time this jug has been sold by us, the first time being 20 years ago in Carmarthen for over £3000. 

The rest of the day was successful overall, although patchy in places. Furniture showed a substantial improvement, being led by a Swansea Valley dresser at £2700*. Similarly, prices for longcase clocks improved and were led by a Ludlow 30 hour with a brass face at £620*. The top sellers in the art section was a Kyffin Williams watercolour at £2700* followed by an Aneurin Jones at 2600*. The surprise in this section was a marine study by Antonio Jacobson which was modestly estimated because of its poor condition that flew away to a regular English buyer on the phone at £1900*. Undoubtedly a good artist but as much to spend again in restoration!

The most pleasing sale of the day was an 18th Century Delft vase in very poor condition which had been used as a flower vase in a local church. Consigned having been advised by us that despite its condition, it was early and should fetch at least £300-400; it realised £750* on the day. The proceeds will be used to repair a war memorial in the church, with some extra left over.

Altogether a very diverse and interesting sale, mixed fortunes on the day as is often the case but significant interest in most areas. It is interesting to note that nearly all the lots in this sale had some internet competition.


*Buyers Premium is 24% including VAT




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